1. relate, connect, link, think of together or at the same time; ally, bond or tie together, wed, marry, yoke; attach, couple, mate, partner, match, twin, pair up; unite, combine, conjoin, correlate; affiliate, coalesce, league, club, team, band together, herd together, syndicate, federate, confederate, incorporate.
2.Usu. associate with
fraternize, socialize, mingle, mix; hobnob, take up with, go around with, rub elbows with, keep company with, Inf. pal around with, Inf. hang around with, Inf. go with, Sl. hang out with Obs. consort; accompany, companion, keep [s.o.] company, befriend, go along with, Sl. string along with, Archaic. company; escort, take out, go out with.
3. colleague, affiliate, fellow, equal, Scot, and North Eng. marrow, Archaic. peer; fellow worker, coworker, yokefellow, yokemate; fellow member, compeer, consociate, condisciple; partner, counterpart, mate, teammate, helpmate, playmate, classmate, shipmate, messmate, housemate, roommate, Inf. roomie, Inf. other half, Inf. better half, Obs. consort; ally, confrere, brother, sister.
4. companion, comrade, crony, chum, Fr. copain. sidekick, shadow, alter ego, Inf. pal, U.S. Inf. buddy, Sl. cully, Sl.Slamese twin; bosom buddy, intimate, confidant, friend, amigo, Fr. ami. acquaintance.
5. confederate, accomplice, collaborator, coopera-tor, abettor; aide, assistant, coadjutant, coadjutor, co-adjutress, ancilla, auxiliary, helper.
6. accompaniment, accessory, complement, com-pletor; concurrent, attendant, concomitant, Astron. comes; supplement, appendage, adjunct, appanage, attachment, appurtenance, appurtenant, appendix.
7. fellow, companionate, related, connected, joint; allied, affiliated, coalescent.
8. concomitant, concurrent, attendant, accompanying, accessory, complementary; supplementary, supplemental, extra, additional, added, appended, appendant, adjunctive, attached, annexed.
9. subsidiary, subordinate, secondary, background; inferior, second-class, lower-level, unimportant, unprivileged.

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